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Sincerely , Donna Bender
To whom it may concern
top It is such a pleasure to work with Elaina and her team of computer professionals. No matter the technical issues we are experiencing with our computers, Elaina responds very rapidly to our service request, her team handles the problems swiftly and professionally, and on top of that she always calls afterwards to make sure the problems were fixed and that our computers are running efficiently. We highly recommend Elaina and her team as an excellent resource for both business and home computer service and networking needs. bottom
Sincerely , Diana Bahr
To whom it may concern
top Elaina Kelly Smith has provided us with excellent computer service for over ten years on both our laptops and desk tops. She is exceptional in her knowledge of both soft and hardware. Being writers, we are essentially dependent on our computers, and Elaina has never failed to solve a computer problem for us in a timely manner. When we have needed a new computer, she researched the best model for us, installed it with an appropriate printer, and instructed us on the basic functions. Two years ago we moved a considerable distance from her and had service from other computer "experts" who made the problem worse. When we needed new computers we asked Elaina for a recommendation of a computer service in our area. We were elated to learn that she would travel to our new location to help us. We are completely satisfied with the computers she selected. A singular advantage of her service is the team viewer function by which she can resolve a difficulty without being in the same location as the computer. We have recommended Elaina to several friends and colleagues who have greatly appreciated her skills, and we are confident that she will solve any future problems. We recommend Elaina Smith highly without any hesitation. bottom
Sincerely , Anne-Marie Kelly Stephen F. Lore
To whom it may concern
top For several years, I have had the pleasure of working with and referring Elaina to many folks like myself, who are in need of computer tutorials and hands- on assistance with computer problems.
Elaina is courteous beyond expectation, responsible, patient and extraordinarily helpful in addressing all client needs in a RAPID RESPONSE fashion. Her fees are reasonable and fair.
She has always been a reliable resource for me and my husband and to the others whom I have referred her.
We will continue to call on, and refer to Elaina, anyone who wishes consistent competent help in the arena of computer use and maintenance.
Cordially , Caroline White
Dear Elaina
top When it was time for me to buy a new computer and finally get a printer your suggestions were excellent. Then you selected the best items for my needs, had them delivered to my house and set it all up for me. What service!!! As you know, it's all still a bit of a mystery to me this electronic adventure. (Even though I've had a computer since 1995)
It's so convenient to be able to have you connect with my computer remotely. What a great idea. It makes it so much easier to solve problems. What an advantage for you to be able to log on and not have to travel to my house to deal with some of the goofy stuff I seem to manage to create.
I do appreciate Strategic Network Solutions and want to thank for all of your advice and help.
Sincerely , Myron Laskin
Concerning Elaina Kelly Smith
top Several years ago Ms. Kelly Smith taught me how to use my computer, and since then periodically she has helped me with computer problems and projects.
She is extremely capable, and in an emergency has been most helpful and very prompt.
She is an unusually likable woman and displays an exceptional courtesy. I am happy to recommend her for anything concerning computers, and I believe she is capable of far more demanding programs than I have needed.
Sincerely , Carol Coraci
To whom it may concern
top Elaina at Strategic Network Solutions has delivered superior customer service. She has solved our computer and printer problems in a timely manner and got our office up and running. Her phone number is always near my monitor in case we need her services. Thanks Elaina for being there for us. bottom
Yours truly , Ron Lever
Hi everyone
top I don't know how she does it. Within a few short seconds, she detects the problem. This is after I have spent hours and even days trying. She then solves the problem with a few clicks on the keyboard. She is worth every penny of what she charges. bottom
Sincerely , Sydney Orel
To whom it may concern
top We have used Strategic Network Solutions for our computer system several times for difference service problems. They are prompt, efficient, fair and reasonable in their prices.
We highly recommend this corporation for all your computer needs and computer problems. They will provide you with the best possible service in the industry.
Sincerely , Diane Burstein
To whom it may concern
top As a computer novice, who needed training in different skills, I was fortunate to have Elaina Kelly Smith to teach me, and help me learn those skills. Studying with Elaina gave me the knowledge and confidence to work more effectively on my computer. bottom
  John Esposito
top Strategic Network Solutions has the greatest selection of products in the industry available on their website to purchase. They offered to take care of all of my company’s orders and requests. Strategic Network Solutions really had a solution to meet all of our business needs. I can say, based on my experiences, that they will help you in any way they can.bottom Diamond Island Travel, Inc 1370 Broadway 5th Floor, New York, NY 10018
  Sam Valentine, President
Hi everyone
top I, Sam Valentine, President of Moon Light Island, Inc. , am proud to say that Strategic Network Solutions is the only company that has truly helped me build my business credit. They have made it a great experience. They worked very hard to keep me happy as I now enjoy building my business credit. bottom
Thank you, Moon Light Island, Inc.
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